Welcome AAHS class of 1998 alumni!

This site will serve as a non-Facebook/secondary way of notifying folks about upcoming alumni events and reunions.

Additionally, it will host a variety of digitized materials from AAHS from the late 1990s!

The Silhouette, digitized

We've scanned some old copies of the student newspaper and have made them available here in PDF form.

Here's what the Silhouette's colophon said in 1996:

The Silhouette is the student newspaper of Ambridge Area High School. It is a laboratory for students pursuing the field of journalism and is designed to serve the total school community.

The Silhouette will be a public forum for the exchange of comment and criticism, open to students, faculty, administration, parents, and others in the school community. The Silhouette is the official school newspaper published once a month at the cost of 25 cents per issue. It is printed by the Record Printing Company of Ambridge.

The editorial opinion is that of the Editorial Board. Any letters to the editor may be submitted to any member of the staff or to the newspaper in Room B-8. Letters received are subject to review by the Board before pubication.

Digitized issues: